Sofia Maria Matos daSilva Fertuzinhos, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Pediatrics; Postgraduate Associate in the Department of Neurobiology

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My research is concerned with understanding how neuronal activity impacts the molecular program of developing neurons in the neocortex. I am currently interested in analyzing the transcriptional dynamics of the mouse neocortical layers in the barrel cortex, during early postnatal development. During this developmental period, activity is thought to play a dominant role in neuronal maturation and laminar definition. Hence, insights from this study may help advance our understanding of the interplay between activity and intrinsic molecular programs during early postnatal laminar development, and how affecting this balance can lead to human neurologic disorders.

Education & Training

PhD University of Coimbra, Portugal (2010)
BS School of Francisco de Holanda, Guimaraes Portugal (1996)

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Sofia Maria Matos daSilva Fertuzinhos, PhD